When comparing text and video, there really is not much competition. In terms of customer engagement, the chances of capturing your viewer’s attention are much higher when a video is used, as opposed to plain text.

Video is better than text for getting your business or company to show and tell your target audience what you offer. Here’s why:

  • It takes a lot of effort to catch people’s attention, which videos have a much better chance of doing than text.
  • Most people are visual types, which could be the main reason many prefer video over text.
  • Video content is engaging, and it keeps viewer’s attention until the end.

“Nothing says ‘yawn’ more than an interminable text-based email or 50-slide attachment. Including a video within a brief email and delivering content in multimedia formats can help drive response rates, improve information retention and make your company or offer more memorable.”

Andy Zimmerman

The average consumer watches roughly 206 videos a month. That’s roughly 7 videos per day.


So as for your next content, consider video instead of plain text. This is where we come to help and produce quality content for every need. Feel free to contact us at info@kobal production.com