How did the Pandemic impact the Video production industry? Many of us found ourselves before many challenges Covid-19 introduced us to. It was time to adapt and overcome the challenges.

The great thing about creative agencies is that we’re very good at coming up with innovative solutions for getting around pretty much anything and Covid-19 is no exception.

Many of our customers couldn’t afford video services anymore, so we had to implement new ways and strategies to find new customers. As well as finding new customers, we had to find new ways to communicate and film videos for them.

Additional safety measures had to be taken to ensure safe working space for the customer and the team: sanitization of all equipment before each shoot, the on-site team uses new sterile masks, the on-site team uses hand sanitiser frequently.

These measures also delayed many of the video production processes, which took more time to complete a certain project.


In conclusion, there are some positive and negative aspects of Covid-19 on video production. This showed that we had to find new creative ways to do video production, which opened many new possibilities that video production can focus on. For all creative services contact us at